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Project Radium

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Project Radium

Project Radium is consulting with The Ambia Fund for assistance in securing seed capital investments and for other general business affairs. We are investigating integration of their SmartChain services into Belacam and The Ambia Fund’s internal systems.

Reasons for Partnership
  • Exploring Seed Investment Potential in Project Radium
  • Enhancing Belacam's Security with Project Radium's SmartChain Services
  • Establishing the Ambia Fund’s Position in Blockchain Consulting
Our Goals
  • Assist and Advise Project Radium's Team on Raising Seed Capital
  • Implement Project Radium's SmartChain Services into Belacam
  • Connect Project Radium with Other Supportive Institutions
  • Share, Evaluate, and Learn from each other's Business Practices

Project Radium has a brilliant team with extensively-developed technology that has reasonable and practical uses in the real world. They need the resources and strategies to get their business in front of potential investors and customers, so that’s where we step in to help. - The Ambia Fund

The Ambia Fund is happy to announce a new partner: Project Radium. A competitor to the likes of Factom, Tierion and Eris, Project Radium uses the blockchain to enhance security, prevent fraud, and manage data for both businesses and consumers. They achieve this through their SmartChain services as well as custom blockchain integrations where needed.

The SmartChain, managed by SmartChain Software Solutions, is a powerful decentralized identity and proof-of-existence platform. You can create your identity, have it verified, and create records with that identity. Those records include immutable checksums to automatically verify software, NSA canaries, documents of historical or legal significance, legal contracts that can be instantly formed with parties around the world, and more. Currently, the SmartChain is in open beta on the testnet under the release name “SmartChain Mercury.”

The benefits for Project Radium are grounded in their need for access to a larger consumer market and their need for resources to enable the acquisition of seed funding. Since early 2015, through the hard work of both Project Radium and SmartChain Software Solutions, the team has developed a quality set of tools that form the backbone of their service offerings. Now, Project Radium is preparing to raise seed capital that will go towards hiring a full-time programmer and website manager, subsidizing business networking, developing brand and name recognition, and covering expenses until a subsequent Series A round of funding can be raised. With help from the Ambia Fund, the team will be better equipped to seek this funding and ultimately deliver its services to a wide customer base.

The Ambia Fund garners an equally strong connection by partnering with Project Radium. Whereas our group currently specializes in marketing, fundraising, and community management, we can substantially benefit from the abilities of the Radium team. Their extensive grip on blockchain technology will allow us to integrate systems which will improve security in relevant processes of our projects. Their SmartChain is applicable to enhancing the security of Belacoin, Belacam, and other future projects.