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The Ambia Fund has decided to invest in the Belacoin project, providing the funds and resources to improve the Belacoin blockchain. Building upon that blockchain, we are creating Belacam: a photo sharing social media site where users get paid in Belacoin.

Reasons for Initial Investments
  • Lightning fast Belacoin transactions
  • Small market cap creates high growth potential
  • Proven network—Bellachess is downloadable on the Google Play Appstore
  • Provides easy access to investors: listed on the Poloniex exchange
Our Accomplishments
  • Grew an incredible support community
  • Upgrade Belacoin wallets
  • Bringing 4 new businesses to the Belacoin blockchain
  • Provided a new logo and website

The Belacoin blockchain makes our Belacam project possible. Belacoin is a powerful cryptocurrency. We’ve realized this, and we believe it’s not long before others do as well. - The Ambia Fund

With Belacam, we seek to create a social media site mirrored after Instagram where users can transfer Belacoin to one another in exchange of ‘likes.’

Steemit is often compared to Reddit with a cryptocurrency twist. Steemit achieved a peak market cap of $412 million, 10.3% of Reddit’s $4 billion valuation. Assuming that Belacam is the cryptocurrency version of Instagram, a similar 10.3% ratio to Instagram’s $38.1 billion valuation would bring Belacoin’s market cap to $3.81 billion.

We understand that this represents a best-case scenario financial prediction and assumes a similar link between Belacam and Instagram that Steemit and Reddit shared. However, it should be appreciated that Steemit achieved a $412 million market cap, proving that such an explosion in growth is more than possible. Steem also experienced market cap growth of 158x over 3 months.

Belacoin’s market cap is currently around $300,000. As The Ambia Fund continues to provide resources and funding for both Belacoin and Belacam, there is no doubting that Belacoin could experience growth to the $10-$100 million range, especially when the Belacam project is released publicly in early 2017. Steemit paved the way and gives us inspiration, and we’ve taken note of what they’ve done right to achieve their incredible success.

We are applying those same principles to the Belacam and Belacoin projects.