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The Ambia Fund has decided to invest in the Bela project, providing the funds and resources to improve the Bela blockchain. Building upon that blockchain, we are creating Belacam: a photo sharing social media site where users get paid in Bela.

Reasons for Initial Investments
  • Lightning fast Bela transactions
  • Small market cap creates high growth potential
  • Proven network—Bela has handled hundreds of thousands of transactions
  • Provides easy access to buying: listed on the Poloniex exchange
Our Accomplishments
  • Grew an incredible support community
  • Upgraded Bela wallets
  • Activated the Dark Gravity Wave mining algorithm
  • Provided a new logo and website

The Bela blockchain makes our Belacam project possible. Bela is a powerful cryptocurrency. We’ve realized this, and we believe it’s not long before others do as well. - The Ambia Fund