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The Ambia Fund is currently operated by a small circle of experienced cryptocurrency analysts and investment managers. We do have remote-location, virtual internship positions available. Interns are required to have internet access and relevant experience in the field.

The Ambia Fund internships are non-paid positions.


Cryptocurrency Analyst
University Level or Higher

Company Profile

  • Sourcing and targeting coins with verified lucrative potential
  • Coordinated planning and pinpointing the coin's niche market appeal
  • Expert execution of coin operations including website design, blockchain maintenance, etc.

The Ambia Fund’s unique process was developed after combined years of experience working with and investing in start-up coins. - TAF

  • Live Bela LLC.

    Building a blockchain or cryptocurrency-based startup? If you choose to build it with the Bela cryptocurrency, Live Bela LLC. offers grants to fund development, marketing, salaries, and other expenses.