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Investment Portfolio

After hours of due diligence and analysis, we have elected to make a seed investment in the following cryptocurrency projects.
Each coin is in the early stages of some developing project, and their success should provide remarkable returns for Ambia Fund investors.

The Ambia Fund has decided to invest in the Belacoin project, providing them the funds and resources necessary to kickstart an internal makeover and an external Belacam project.

What We Do

The Ambia Fund is a private cryptographic capital investment group. Our panel of business analysts research and evaluate early-stage cryptocurrencies that possess definitive potential to become the next top-tier coins. Our portfolio is public, and we're proud of every single investment in it.

Premiere Networking

The Ambia Fund has secured a range of partners that devote their resources towards early-stage cryptocurrency projects as well. When we financially invest in a coin, we often link them up with the partners that can help them the most.


We’ve partnered with the following cryptocurrency ventures. These partners provide extra resources and expertise to increase the growth, market penetration, and investor ROI for coins in our portfolio.

  • CryptoDesigners

    Cryptodesigners volunteer their design and branding services for free, so the members of their team gain real-world, internship-like experience while our cryptocurrency partners receive design work without charge.

Research, Investment, Support, and Consulting
When it comes to what we do, there's no one like us