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Investments and Clients

Below are the cryptocurrency startups that we are working with. Each cryptocurrency or blockchain business below is in varying stages of their own developing project, and we are committed to seeing them succeed.

The Ambia Fund has taken over leadership of Bela. We have led the creation of new wallets, built up the community, and helped increase Bela’s market cap by as much as 150x.
The Ambia Fund is leading the business development of the Belacam startup. We make executive decisions, conduct marketing, organize research and development, and provide funding for Belacam.
Project Radium is consulting with The Ambia Fund for assistance in securing seed capital investments and for other general business affairs. We are investigating integration of their SmartChain services into Belacam and The Ambia Fund’s internal systems.

What We Do

The Ambia Fund is a private cryptocurrency capital investment and management group. Our panel of business analysts research and evaluate early-stage cryptocurrencies that possess definitive potential to become the next top-tier coins. We elect to work with less than 5% of the cryptocurrency startups that seek to partner with us.

Premiere Networking

Our team understands how valuable connections are in the business world. That’s why we’ve spent time networking with other Venture Capital firms, angel groups, media channels, and more. Through us, your startup can gain access to world-class connections that can offer funding, marketing, and tech development assistance.


We’ve partnered with the following cryptocurrency ventures. These partners provide extra resources and expertise to increase the growth, market penetration, and investor ROI for coins in our portfolio.

  • Live Bela LLC.

    Building a blockchain or cryptocurrency-based startup? If you choose to build it with the Bela cryptocurrency, Live Bela LLC. offers grants to fund development, marketing, salaries, and other expenses.

  • PR Newswire

    PR Newswire provides The Ambia Fund with a direct channel for submitting press releases to the largest news agencies and investors on a state, regional, national, or international media circuits. Our past press releases have been featured on Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, Market Watch, and more.

Research, Investment, Support, and Consulting
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